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iFetch is committed to developing new, innovative dog toys that help dogs live happy, healthy lives.

Fetchaholics, Rejoice!

iFetch is an award-winning automatic ball launcher that provides a fun new twist to the game of fetch!  

Find which iFetch is right for you and your pet.


Automatic dog ball launcher

iFetch Too

Automatic dog ball launcher

iFetch Frenzy

 Fast-paced brain game
Dog Size
Small to medium sized dogs
Medium to large sized dogs
Small to medium sized dogs
Ball Size
1.5″ miniature tennis balls
2.5″ miniature tennis balls
1.5″ miniature tennis balls
Launch Distance
10, 20, or 30 feet
10, 25, 40 feet or random
Not a ball launcher; gravity creates the action for balls to roll
Adjust launch distance with touch of a button
Adjust launch distance with touch of a button
Power Source
Wall plug OR (6) C-cell batteries
Built-in rechargeable battery
Non-electronic; no batteries required
Indoor or outdoor
Indoor or outdoor
Any flat surface
Other Features
Always ready to launch (with batteries or power)
High quality design & construction
The original ball launcher (don’t trust copycats!)
Great training aid
Always ready to launch (when battery is charged)
Random distance setting keeps dogs guessing
Ball storage compartment
Noise free
Batteries not included

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Looking for a fun way to get your pups the mental and physical exercise they need? Our fetching and digging toys will have those tails wagging in no time.

What People (and their pets!) Are Saying

For any dog who’s motivated by Fetch, this toy is a given!
the Celebrity Dachshund
I got an iFetch this morning and have already taught my Border Collie to drop his ball in it when I say ‘iFetch’!
Alice Clark with Bentley
the Border Collie
Just got our iFetch a couple days ago and she loves it. Plays with it for hours. Thank you!
Brandon Alfred

When we develop new iFetch dog toys, mental stimulation is a key component.

The combination of physical activity with mental activity is at play with all of our current products - the automatic ball launchers and the Frenzy brain game. When we dogs actively learning to use our iFetch products, it is so rewarding to see the “light bulb” come on when they understand what it takes to initiate the game, and to keep it going.

That’s why these interactive dog toys are so important to the industry.

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Our Philosophy

iFetch is committed to developing new, innovative dog toys that help dogs live happy, healthy lives.

We will continue to focus on dog toys that promote play and exercise – both indoors and outdoors. And our commitment to quality will never waiver.

We believe in the the importance of mental stimulation for dogs. Physical exercise is great, and necessary, but it’s only half of the equation. If your dog is not mentally challenged each day, he’s never truly tired, and that’s where behavior issues can arise.

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